Custom Milling Cutters & Replacement Serrated Blades

When it comes to ingenuity in custom designing milling cutter bodies, no one surpasses Muskegon Tool’s ability to minimize manufacturing steps, labor and scrap costs. Give us your configuration and surface finish requirements (or let us analyze your needs from your print) and we will produce a cutter body to meet your needs using serrated blades or indexable inserts. Muskegon Tool cutter bodies offer these benefits:

Line Boring Tooling

It’s tough to stay in spec when you are line bore machining. Fortunately, there is a tooling system that can tackle these challenges and produce parts that meet and exceed engineering tolerances. In fact, tolerances can be maintained so closely and repeatably that this system is often used for aircraft component applications.

Double-Edge Boring

Production Tooling Bars & Cutters

  • Starts with a high-grade alloy steel boring bar for long-run performance. Inside the boring bar is a hardened centering pin that keeps the boring cutter centered for repeatable, within-tolerance performances.
  • Operates at twice the feed of single-point tools and provides a balanced centered cut for straighter holes. The boring cutter is an adjustable, twin-edged design that allows you to meet bore tolerances and compensate for indexable insert tolerances. The adjustment screw in the cutter also prevents it from collapsing and boring undersize. The centering pin in the boring bar engages the centering notch in the cutter to keep it within the bar and centers the roughing cutter for roughing pass.
  • Bores in three simple steps. (1) Insert the roughing cutter and rough bore the part to establish the bore centerline. (2) Chamfer the hole with the chamfering cutter to guide the finishing cutter into the hole. (3) Insert the finishing cutter into the boring bar and "float"the finishing cutter through the bore. Repeatability is typically within +/- .0005.
  • Meets your application needs. Muskegon Tool design engineers will make a heavy-duty indexable core drill or production boring tool to meet your specific needs. Call us or click here to start saving time and money on your line.

Custom Boring Bars

One of the easiest ways to reduce your machining costs is to bore multi-diameter holes in one operation. Our custom indexable inserted tools have been field proven successful in producing multiple bores and features to customer specified tolerances all in one machining operation.

Indexable Drills

The Muskegon Tool design team will analyze your requirements then custom design tooling specific to your multi-diameter drilling or chamfering needs. Muskegon Tool indexable drill advantages include:

  • Maximizes performance. Tooling is designed around any I.S.O. standard inserts so you and the Muskegon Tool design team can choose the grade and geometry that best suits your application.
  • Offers multiple shank options. We design your indexable drill to mount to the machine that fits your application.

Spade Drills

Are you looking for a much faster way to produce large diameter holes or special contours? Spade drills offer some distinct advantages over twist drills.

  • Runs at higher speeds and feed rates without tool breakage.
  • Drills in one-pass. A chip curl is ground along the cutting edges to break the chips as they form. Chip breaker grooves direct the small, narrow metal chips out of the hole so you can complete the hole in one pass. The efficient removal of chips also keeps the spade drill more rigid, improving drill performance and precision.
  • Lasts longer. The cutting angles provide greater support of the cutting edges so tools last longer. And all Muskegon Tool spades can be reground to extend their life making them a cost-efficient tooling option.

Trepan Tools

As the foremost authority on trepanning, Muskegon Tool design engineers have expanded their expertise beyond deep-hole cutting and have provided customers with major savings in high-production shallow-depth applications. Some trepanning applications include pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, ship propulsion shafts, aircraft components, nuclear reactor components.

Face Grooving Tools

Face Grooves

O-Ring grooves

Face groove over a boss

Face groove for a spring seat.