Specializing in tooling that minimizes manufacturing steps, labor time and scrap costs.

When Muskegon Tool started in 1958, our goal was to solve your hole cutting and finishing challenges with high-grade steel tools. What we soon discovered was that your innovative engineering ideas demanded equally innovative tooling. So we directed our focus to designing precision tools that would do exactly what you needed in the fewest number of manufacturing steps, with less labor time and a lot less scrap.

Because we specialize in custom-designed tooling, we have hundreds of solutions to draw on when we analyze your application needs. That’s why we are faster – much faster – at designing and delivering custom tools than most tool manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada. That speed keeps our prices competitive, too.

More capabilities added with V-B Manufacturing

v_b_manufacturingIn 2002, we expanded our technology and product capabilities when we purchased V-B Manufacturing, Muskegon, Mich. Now we offer an even broader range of cutting and machining products, building on V-B Manufacturing’s expertise in boring, reaming, recessing and black spot face tools, block type cartridges and special tooling services.

If you are a past customer of V-B Manufacturing, welcome to Muskegon Tool. We retained the V-B Manufacturing expertise so you can get answers to your questions and tools to meet your needs. Just call or e-mail us today.

Every tool is engineered to last.

At Muskegon Tool we know how important it is to keep production up and costs down. So our engineers design your tool to last. That’s why so many of our customers continue to use tools we built 25 years ago.

From design to delivery – here’s how we work


Muskegon Tool identifies each tool with a part number. We can also use the laser engraver to add your logo to the tool or engrave other information on your product. For more information, contact us.

Even though we design in a high-tech environment, we never lose sight that this is a people business. So when you call Muskegon Tool, a person, not a machine, answers the telephone. We’ll connect you to an engineer that’s ready to listen to your cutting challenges. And when you e-mail or Fax us with your requests, the person receiving it will quickly get your project started.

If your project requires a custom solution, we’ll ask you to send us a print or drawing of your part for analysis. Our design team will create, at no cost, a concept or design print for your review. Included will be a CAD drawing that will clearly depict your solution. Once you give your approval, we’ll start building your custom tool to spec.

Do you have a pre-designed tool? Send us your prints and we’ll build it to your specifications.

We build your tool using highly efficient manufacturing systems. The team that works on your project is comprised of problem solvers. From inspecting raw material to design and development to laser engraving each tool before it’s shipped– our employees take pride in making sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your tool. Because customer satisfaction runs so high, most come back to Muskegon Tool for solutions to their next cutting challenges.

Need a fast, custom tool solution?

Let’s talk about the tooling challenges you’re facing. Call 231-722-1161 or click here.